Отзывы от клиентов PST на платформе Trustpilot

Peter HvidmarkНа Trustpilot
My recent experience of communicating…

My recent experience of communicating with PST team and using their services was very positive! Money transfers are processed the same day without any delays. Highly satisfied!

Frederick LopezНа Trustpilot
PST.NET is a thing that can be…

PST.NET is a thing that can be performed by some best platforms and I wanna inform that the website is one of those platforms. It gives us good virtual cards to make payments to any service with good speed.

Bret MarquiserНа Trustpilot
Very comfortable making an online ...

Very comfortable making an online purchase with an unfamiliar business. Knew it was likely to be a onetime transaction. Very easy to generate a single use card.

Llanos FenellНа Trustpilot
I was using a few different wallets ...

I was using a few different wallets over the past years. PST.NET looks simple and easy to understand, with many more features coming out soon. Charges are not high compared to well-known banking apps. Great job guys!

Dana DycanНа Trustpilot
I have found PST.NET to be highly…

I have found PST.NET to be highly reliable and efficient. Utilizing the app has been seamless, with responsive support and effective functionality. Overall, I am thoroughly satisfied with the platform's performance.

Karl B.На Trustpilot
I love the control this gives me over…

I love the control this gives me over transactions as well as the security of knowing my bank info and credit cards aren't used for anything I don't know about. It's so easy to use and I'm always happy to show people how easy they can take control of their digital information using this PST.

antoine tonyНа Trustpilot
Great customer service with fast reply…

Great customer service with fast reply with details and helpful

Colleen GilmourНа Trustpilot
PST.NET the best solution in the…

PST.NET the best solution in the current realities, support responds and solves problems instantly, the functionality is huge, the exchange of crypts for fiat, individual virtual cards and much more.

Daniel van HoutenНа Trustpilot
I regularly use pst.net for Facebook ad ...

I regularly use pst.net for Facebook ad transactions. As a software engineer, I continue to be very impressed with their thoughtful user interface that is extremely easy to use.

Livac KovacНа Trustpilot
PST.NET gives me peace of mind while…

PST.NET gives me peace of mind while buying online. I've been using it for years. Virtually all my online purchases use a PST card. When I've had fraud on my account I don't have to cancel credit cards! Auto filling credit card forums with the browser plugin (I use 1Password) makes it a breeze. Highly Recommend.

Chase IlyavivНа Trustpilot
I've been using this wallet for several ...

I've been using this wallet for several months. It is very convenient and ingenious to do this through telegram. Easy replenishment, the ability to use a card - this is a salvation for me. I haven't encountered any problems. I recommend this service to all my friends and I use it with pleasure.

Nathan RosalesНа Trustpilot
Privacy provides me with an important ...

Privacy provides me with an important layer of security on my credit card purchases, as well as flexibility to use trial subscriptions without worrying about giving away a credit card number. If I don't want to renew a subscription, it only takes a minute to turn off that Privacy card. And it's all free to me!

Dylan MillerНа Trustpilot
Absolutely fantastic app

Absolutely fantastic app. Never have to worry about buying online with the one time use card feature, and can keep my monthly subscriptions organized and easily tracked. Makes it very easy to end monthly subscriptions as well. Couldn't see ever going without it.

Alexander YıldırımНа Trustpilot
It's a really useful app and great for…

It's a really useful app and great for signing up for paid Google advertising. I can pay for what I want and don't have to worry about my card details being removed from this site. I can also have more control over my subscriptions and only pay for them when I use them.

Oliver GürsoyНа Trustpilot
Been using PST for two years now with ...

Been using PST for two years now with no issues, and this is not a paid review. Opened several virtual cards and the transactions have been secure and accurate. Saved me from unwanted charges several times. Secure way to pay cash online and avoid using credit cards.

Sebastian DuboisНа Trustpilot
A private and secure way to make ...

A private and secure way to make payments, just what I was looking for. I wanted a way to contribute to charities, open source software projects, and make online purchases without giving away my identity or credit card details. PST.NET also gives me the ability to stop payments I no longer wish to make with the click of the mouse. I feel like I have total control over my online purchasing.

For example if you find a company online that has just what you want, but your not comfortable giving them your normal credit card info. Just create a one time usage credit card and make your purchase. If they get hacked / try to charge more, it just doesn't go through. How awesome is that!

Genevieve MunozНа Trustpilot
Simplicity, speed and safety

Simplicity, speed and safety The simplicity of using this payment system is what truly impressed me. The system works seamlessly without any glitches or technical problems, which gives me peace of mind knowing that my transactions are always secure and successful.

William LarssonНа Trustpilot
The product is easy to use and setup

The product is easy to use and setup. I feel much comfortable in online purchasing knowing that I can use a card once for an unfamiliar store, or limit spending on another card to avoid surprise charges, or easy cancel a subscription and not worry about my card being charged.

Dominik WeiszНа Trustpilot
A very convenient payment system

If you do not have a virtual card yet or are not satisfied with the old one, then I highly recommend trying this one. It simply has a huge potential and there is no need to hear any blockages and lots of money, since it does not depend on any international sanctions at all. There is a super convenient website in which I can do absolutely everything with the crypt. It works adequately on both android and apple, I personally checked both.

Charlie JamesНа Trustpilot
I enthusiastically recommend this ...

I enthusiastically recommend this outstanding service, as their customer support team showcases remarkable speed and helpfulness. Their dedicated assistance ensures that any issues or inquiries are swiftly resolved, providing users with a seamless experience. Additionally, their Virtual Credit Card functions impeccably, empowering users to confidently engage in secure and convenient transactions. This service undoubtedly shines as a reliable and efficient solution, delivering on its promises and surpassing expectations.

Polde NokaričНа Trustpilot
Customer support A++!
Verrill GangНа Trustpilot
Everything is clear during…

Everything is clear during registration, support responds quickly in the chat. There was a problem when paying for an TikTok Advertising service. After contacting the support chat, the guys helped solve the problem.

Affiliate BC MarketingНа Trustpilot
Great Service

I cannot speak highly enough about the outstanding service I received from PST.NET. From the moment I engaged with their team, I was impressed by their professionalism, expertise, and genuine dedication to customer satisfaction.

The staff at PST.NET went above and beyond to address my needs and ensure that every aspect of the service exceeded my expectations. They were attentive, responsive, and always available to answer any questions I had, providing me with the support and guidance I needed every step of the way.

Not only did PST.NET deliver on their promises, but they also surpassed them, delivering exceptional results that far exceeded what I had hoped for. Their commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to their customers truly sets them apart.

I wholeheartedly recommend PST.NET to anyone seeking top-notch service and unparalleled expertise. They have earned my trust and confidence, and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Thank you, PST.NET, for your exceptional service and for setting the standard for excellence in your industry. You have truly earned every one of these five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #CustomerSatisfaction #ExcellenceInService

Klaus RobinsonНа Trustpilot
Easy way to own a virtual Visa and…

Easy way to own a virtual Visa and MasterCard, plus amazing customer support that PST provides. It is really helpful to me and many others.

minsuНа Trustpilot
best service

best service

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