BHW reviews

Summer SauceOn BHW
The owners of this service really seem to care about their community

I was very pleased with how informative the telegram and website is. The owners of this service really seem to care about their community and did not give off a fly-by-night vibe.

walelove22On BHW
excellent virtual debit card service is an excellent virtual debit card service, providing convenient and secure online payment options. Highly recommended for those in search of a reliable digital payment solution.

PST.Net virtual cards are accepted everywhere

If you're worried about security breaches with online transactions, or simply need virtual card for your daily money making then it's time to consider a free virtual card from

PST.Net virtual cards are accepted everywhere that Visa and MasterCard are accepted, so you can use them for online shopping, redeeming trial offers, and more. And the most important thing – the fees involved in using's virtual card services are among the lowest in the market. So you can enjoy maximum convenience while keeping your costs to a minimum.

Arzlam20On BHW
a secure and convenient payment solution.

I recently had the opportunity to use PST.NET's Trusted Virtual Cards for online payments, and I must say it has been a secure and convenient payment solution. PST.NET offers a reliable platform that enables users to generate virtual cards for online transactions, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind. One of the standout features of PST.NET is the ease of use. Creating virtual cards is a straightforward process, and the platform offers a user-friendly interface. The registration process was quick and hassle-free, and I appreciated the intuitive layout that made navigating the platform a breeze. Security is a top concern when it comes to online payments, and PST.NET addresses this issue effectively. The virtual cards generated by PST.NET are disposable, meaning they can only be used for a single transaction or within a specified time frame. This feature minimizes the risk of fraud or unauthorized charges, as the virtual card becomes useless once the transaction is complete. Additionally, the platform employs robust encryption protocols to protect sensitive information, ensuring that personal and financial data remains secure. Another aspect that impressed me about PST.NET was the wide acceptance of virtual cards. I encountered no issues while using the virtual cards for various online purchases. They were accepted by a vast majority of merchants, making it a versatile payment option. The ability to set spending limits on the virtual cards also provides an extra layer of control and helps users manage their finances effectively. Customer support is another area where PST.NET excels. I had a query regarding a transaction, and their support team promptly responded with a helpful and informative reply. It's reassuring to know that assistance is readily available should any issues arise. However, one minor drawback I experienced was the limited availability of currency options. At the time of my usage, PST.NET only supported a few major currencies, which may inconvenience some users who frequently engage in international transactions. In conclusion, PST.NET's Trusted Virtual Cards is a commendable payment solution that combines convenience and security. The ease of use, robust security measures, wide acceptance, and responsive customer support make it a reliable choice for online transactions. Although the limited currency options may be a minor setback for some users, the overall experience with PST.NET was highly positive. I would recommend PST.NET to anyone looking for a secure and convenient way to make online payments.

cpaforceOn BHW
Good & reliable

Good & reliable and smooth service , thank you

beaglejuiceOn BHW
I'm switching to PST.NET from now on

I'm currently using but lately the my user experience has not been that good. Starting this June they will be charging for failed transactions. Regarding PST.NET, I see that user interface is easy to navigate and now they're offering free card exclusive to BHW. I'm switching to PST.NET from now on.

chepsrebootOn BHW is one of the best

From what i have heard, and tested for myself is one of the best if not THE best in terms of smoothness and flexibility. Every one whom are active within digital marketing should be using PST's services!

Stef33On BHW
PST Cards are the best option one's available .


PST Cards are the best option one's available .

wajeeh-shahOn BHW
PST Cards are the best one's available

PST Cards are the best one's available, I created a microsoft bing ads account using it. Just in love with it.

seo_donOn BHW
can not be expressed in words, the best

can not be expressed in words, the best

Solomon jesseOn BHW is one of the best is one of the best, if not THE best, in terms of smoothness and adaptability, according to what I've heard and tested for myself. Everybody involved in digital marketing should make use of PST's services.

mrwnmeroOn BHW
very helpful

very helpful to unlock accounts in other regions. Amazing choice for me as someone from the eastern side of the world. 10/10

olkaluruOn BHW
excellent virtual debit card service is an excellent virtual debit card service, providing convenient and secure online payment options. Highly recommended for those in search of a reliable digital payment solution. Like Quote Reply

dscomputersOn BHW
Finally service that is good

Finally service that is good for people outside of US!

cvSkullOn BHW
leading virtual card service

PST.NET is a leading virtual card service that provides users with a convenient and secure way to make online transactions. Here are some key aspects of their service:

Easy Setup and Accessibility: PST.NET offers a user-friendly interface, making it simple for customers to set up an account and access their virtual cards. Wide Acceptance: PST.NET virtual cards are widely accepted across various online platforms and merchants, including e-commerce websites, subscription services, and online marketplaces. This allows users to make purchases or payments seamlessly. Enhanced Security: Security is a top priority for PST.NET. They utilize advanced encryption technology to protect sensitive customer data and transaction information. Virtual cards are particularly advantageous in terms of security since they are not linked to a user's bank account or personal details, minimizing the risk of fraud or identity theft. Customization and Control: PST.NET offers customers the flexibility to customize their virtual cards based on their preferences. Users can set spending limits, choose card expiration dates, and even create multiple cards for different purposes. This level of control enables users to manage their finances more effectively and mitigate any potential risks. Real-time Transaction Monitoring: PST.NET provides real-time transaction monitoring, allowing users to track their expenditures and stay updated on their virtual card activity. This feature helps users keep their finances in check and quickly detect any suspicious or unauthorized transactions. Customer Support: PST.NET boasts a responsive and helpful customer support team. They are available via various channels, including email, live chat, and phone, to assist customers with any inquiries, concerns, or technical issues. Overall, PST.NET is a reliable and user-friendly virtual card service that prioritizes security, customization, and ease of use. With their wide acceptance, enhanced security measures, and responsive customer support, PST.NET offers a seamless and secure virtual card experience for users.

AnamikOn BHW
convenient and secure solution

I've heard great things about! Their virtual cards for media buying, including Google Ads and TikTok Ads, provide a convenient and secure solution. Their service is known for its reliability and ease of use, making it a top choice for advertisers."

snowwh1teOn BHW
I vouch for PST

I vouch for PST. I used them in the past, great service.

Im a humanOn BHW
Im very impressed.

Im very impressed. Used the card to top up one of my wallets, worked flawlessly!! Even got the OTP Code for 3DS directly sent through their website

Exellent service! Will use em again once I need HQ USA Cards!! Like Like Quote Reply

Black AdamOn BHW
I can recommend this cards

OP gave to me Universal card for test. I used it for get trail subscription of some website.

it is perfectly worked for that without issue. hope to get VCC for also other works.

I can recommend this cards for get trail subscriptions for anyone.

Thank you for review copy.

heyshubhishaOn BHW
I wholeheartedly recommend PST

Upon signing up for PST.NET, I was granted a 3D Universal Card. Navigating the website is simple, with clear options for exchanging funds, deposits, and withdrawals. The card facilitates convenient payments for purchases and advertising.

Furthermore, the pricing for these cards is reasonable and the service appears to be streamlined. I wholeheartedly recommend PST to anyone seeking reliable VCCs for their shopping or advertising needs


So, I have tried these VCCs for quite some time now, and I must say I am impressed. I like how the freedom of issuing and deleting cards is in the hands of the user. The fees were okay, the VCCs worked for all the purposes I have tried them for, and there were multiple BINs offered.

There are some things that I don't like, like doing KYC if you exceed the limit of $500 and also the monthly VCC renewal fee, which is a bit too much, as we already pay for topping up the cards.

Overall, I think this is a decent service, and I think I will keep using them for some of my needs, if not all. Good luck with sales, mate.

JuhkuOn BHW
Good communication on top of great service

I've been using their services for the past month or so, and have been quite satisfied. Good communication on top of great service. Can't go wrong with them.

frOsti3™On BHW
I recieved a review copy from OP

I recieved a review copy from OP

I create a account few few and op was generous to offer me a review copy,

I tested the card with online service for purchasing a domain ,the card work smooth

I have mentioned op in chat the purpose for the card ,op is a great communicator and has quite experience in the field, he can better suggest you which card can be best for the purpose you require it for

Best part is their crypto deposit making it quite easy n anonymous

Overall experience - 9/10

saonbdOn BHW
Used the vcc for fb ad and it worked

Received a vcc with 1usd fund loaded..Used the vcc for fb ad and it worked..Tried to deposit 20 usd but the 5usd charge ..For 0% charge Minimum deposit threshold amount 50 usd seems little bit high..i think 20 usd would be nice...

davids355On BHW
support for this service is good

I used this service recently to make an online purchase. Originally this was for purchasing from a sports website but unfortunately the transaction was cancelled - I don't know if this was due to the card or the delivery address (As I was using a ship-to address in the US). In the end I used the balance for some purchases on Amazon.

I transfered in $160 to a virtual card and then found out I could not transfer those funds back out because there is a $500 withdrawal limit. So thats something to keep in mind if you are putting money onto these cards. The fees are also quite high when you are transfering funds too and from cards - between 2-8% as far as I can tell.

On the plus side, after I had a few issues with purchases using the virtual card, the seller was very helpful and responsive in getting the issues resolved so the support for this service is good.

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