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customerOn Trustpilot
Great customer support

Great customer support, quick responses and very insightful

Petr DushevskyOn Trustpilot
Great service

Great service. I enjoy their customer supports.

AnonymousOn Trustpilot
Great Service

I have been using this service for less than a month yet the results have been exceptional! Their website is very easy to navigate, they have a large amount of BINs and their VCCs never decline on Google Ads. They always work! Their customer service is also great aswell and ready to help at any time. Choose PST!

karina moreOn Trustpilot
good customer support

good customer support

kubwbuzima cloudeOn Trustpilot
Good card

It,s amazing card

Khe SedOn Trustpilot
Their customer service is helpful and…

Their customer service is helpful and quick. Haven't tried using their virtual cards yet so I can't say much about that but I stress on the 'nice customer experience '

Caleb MorganOn Trustpilot
i have been a client os PST for a while…

i have been a client os PST for a while now and my honest opinion about them is that it is actually impressive how them constanstly update for the better and create new features which make work so much easier , great job

Max CobzarOn Trustpilot
The experience is good so far

I encountered a problem while completing the KYC verification process. It seems necessary to complete it in one session. If you leave it incomplete or upload just one of the required documents, intending to add another later, you might encounter the problem I did. Fortunately, the support agent assisted me in finding a solution. I need to create a new account and attempt the process again. The support agents are generally quick in their responses and genuinely try to assist.

Can't say much more because I didn't have the opportunity to use it as I wanted to

Iman G.On Trustpilot
Can recommend for TikTok

Can recommend for TikTok Promt customer service, cards work had some issues with understanding how to subscription work but my every question was resolved plus they have a blog about al thoose.

Nemo_knightOn Trustpilot
Very good guy he helped me so much

Very good guy he helped me so much

Francesco TaneseOn Trustpilot
best vcc service!

best vcc service!

Aiden PalmerOn Trustpilot
I purchased Private S subscrition

I purchased Private S subscrition, fif well for my need, price goes up starting the second month as 50% discount applies only for the first month, so i am still thinking whether I should prolong it.

Anton HolovatyiOn Trustpilot
Google Ads

I use maps for advertising in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Very easy to use, support is always in touch!

Peter GenslerOn Trustpilot
Had a very smooth experience with PST

Had a very smooth experience with PST , its hard to find virtual cards in my region so i searched the web and found PST. Had a fast usdt deposit and had no problem to issuing a card , had 3 payments on different website all successful.

Roy RobertsOn Trustpilot
Was looking for a virtual card solution…

Was looking for a virtual card solution to run my advertisement cabinet on snapchat, a friend recommended this guys , issued 5 different advertisement bins , 4 out of 5 cards successfully connected . Good user interface and support being very helpful

Juno KimOn Trustpilot
Best customer support I ever had!!!!!!

Best customer support I ever had!!!!!!

Zamia RobertsOn Trustpilot
This virtual cards helped me keep my…

This virtual cards helped me keep my finances in order while traveling abroad. With just a few clicks, I could easily manage my spending and never had to worry about losing my physical card. Used ultima yearly plan.

Mr ToadOn Trustpilot
Prompt reply and really lovely to deal…

Prompt reply and really lovely to deal with.

Keep up the good work

Abdellah DakoukOn Trustpilot
great service

5stars for the support

Artem MischenkoOn Trustpilot
Amazing cards for Google

Amazing cards for Google, there are no any blocks or declines Very simple platform, fastest top up balances that I have ever seen.

Highly recommended

brett spanglerOn Trustpilot
i had a bunch of questions about VCC…

i had a bunch of questions about VCC with their bank and customer support answered all my questions very fast. one of the best customer supports i have dealt with

Toni mOn Trustpilot
Lopetin työt tän takia

Lopetin työt tän takia

revokerOn Trustpilot
is the besttttt

is the besttttt

vpn vpnOn Trustpilot
A very good service

A very good service. without many talking, solved the issue

Elmo oneOn Trustpilot
I highly recommend this company

I live my experience with PST. The are very quality my business now is growing so fast because of pst Thnx alot guys

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