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EstherOn Trustpilot
Gutes Werkzeug für Medienkauf

Gutes Werkzeug für Medienkauf, Krypto-Aufladung und schnellen Kartenkauf und Zahlung

Tobias S. SkovOn Trustpilot
Cards from PST work well for me

Cards from PST work well for me. I use them mainly for fb advertising, and it's quite easy for me and my team to navigate, given all the team function they have.

Daniel Cunha RodriguesOn Trustpilot
Very good service for online ads…

Very good service for online ads payments. Fast funding with crypto (have several coins available), several card options to choose from. Very usefull

Stan KoopmansOn Trustpilot
As a member of PST Private program

As a member of PST Private program, this is a vcc service i can recommend. They have dynamically lowering fees depending on my business volume and they add new cards quite often

Jere GardemeisterOn Trustpilot
Great service with virtual cards i…

Great service with virtual cards i found so far. Easy payment, especially when funding their cards with crypto. I used their 3Ds cards for VPS subscription and PST Exclusive for Google Ads payment. It took a while to receive access to special BINs and fees, however loving it so far

Alexandra OlsenOn Trustpilot
Really working cards and user-friendly personal account
  1. It works. Paid several services using STRIPE, no problems.
  2. Very friendly inrerface. All all your cards with balances and transactions are present and easy to access.
  3. You can top-up cards.
Xavi VampiOn Trustpilot
Legit. pricy. But works.

Legit. The card worked to pay OpenAI bill. Pricy when u bring USD into the card thru cryptos.

Muzaffaruddin AlviOn Trustpilot
Great website for virtual cards…

Great website for virtual cards purchase. Reasonable fees and easy to use. Using 3D Universal Card working perfectly.

KellyOn Trustpilot
Great site for virtual cards purchase. I like the payment methods cus is easy to fund expecially with crypto currency. I highly recommend it

Fast payment and crypto method of funding cards

Ethan FreerunOn Trustpilot
Very good service

Very good service for vcc’s, I was looking for this to use for online advertising. Easy to add usdt to balance and it’s fast. Just a little thing : they sometimes take way too long to respond even during the week (+48hrs)

SimonbobisOn Trustpilot
I have paid for this service several…

I have paid for this service several times. everything is convenient, excellent service

Berezhnov AndreyOn Trustpilot - Excellent virtual card service

Excellent virtual card service, that I have ever seen - tiny fees and very simple to use!!

Ilya SOn Trustpilot
Great virtual cards service

Great virtual cards service, responsive support

Zhan DalnoboyOn Trustpilot
The best of the Best!

I think this is the best service. You can talk a lot! But it's better to try it yourself and see for yourself!

AZOn Trustpilot
I ordered a card today and it's working…

I ordered a card today and it's working fine, thanks guys

Schuyler RyeOn Trustpilot
best crypto card service i encountered so far

pst has repeatedly demonstrated to me why they are the best crypto cards company - best prices, fees and service

tinyfishOn Trustpilot
The guys and their services are legit

The guys are genuine, card is working well. They following given fee structure there is no cheat or fraud because all terms are already said. As per my experience they are legit and i recommend to use the services. Thanks to pst.

DavidOn Trustpilot
Was looking for a credit card that can…

Was looking for a credit card that can be topped up with crypto, and found pst. It’s great that top up is automatic and every user has its own wallet, support guided me which card I should issue , without any problem paid for 3 different services, highly recommend

Shubhisha BatraOn Trustpilot
I created an account on PST.NET and…

I created an account on PST.NET and received a 3D Universal Card.

It's easy to navigate through the website and easy to find the exchange of funds, deposits and withdrawals. It makes it easy to pay for shopping and/or advertising.

The price for the cards is really fair and the service seems to be hassle-free.

I'd recommend PST for anyone who is looking for quality VCCs for shopping or advertising

Allen BensonOn Trustpilot
Using PST for Facebook and TikTok ad

Using PST for Facebook and TikTok ad payments has been smooth sailing and very handy for me!

Ayuba LazarusOn Trustpilot
Solution Hub to online marketing

After several trials to set up a Microsoft Ad account and failing miserably due to card issues and coming close to quitting, I heard about A one-stop site that provides VISA Platinum Credit cards, 3D-Secure support (receiving confirmation codes) and 25+ trusted BINs all for a fair cost. Today, all that has become past and I have found a way out.

VitaminOn Trustpilot
Had a problem running my google ads

Had a problem running my google ads, tried different services and got PST to my attention, gave it a try and surprisingly enough it works perfect. If anyone else is curious, iam using an Advertisement card with bin 486555 for Google ads and it works great, really good service!

Johanna AchenOn Trustpilot
Happy to use it!!

I've found it more convenient to make payments for Facebook and TikTok ads. I'm glad to be using PST.NET!

Evžen MalýOn Trustpilot
Great for me

Response times from the customer service crew are prompt and efficient. UI is clear but when I have an issue they always give a detailed response.

Pavel DovzhenkoOn Trustpilot

Making transactions via PST cards has been really quick and hassle-free. Also, I have recommended the website to my friends.

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