Virtual payment card designed for Snapchat Ads

No more risk payment bans or other payment problems thanks to PSTNET's transaction status monitoring system

  • 0 $transaction fee
  • 6%deposit fee
  • 10 $ monthly payment

Instant card issuance

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Native for social ads
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For advertising spend on Facebook, Google and TikTok

free cards

Complimentary monthly card issuance

Transparent business model
  • 0% transaction fee
  • 0% fee for declined payments
  • 0% fee for withdrawal from the card

Made for affiliate

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How much does it cost?

Advertising Card issuance cost and maintenance fee (after the first month) is $10

How to issue a virtual card?

You can get the first virtual card from PSTNET in less than a minute. Just sign up to the service, deposit your account and select the card you want.

How to get a virtual card for free?

Follow PSTNET on and Telegram to be notified about our special deals and contests. Plus, members of the PST Private program are able to get 100 premium virtual cards for free.

Does it support 3D-Secure?

No, Advertising Card doesn’t support 3DS (SMS with confirmation codes). Looking for virtual cards with 3D-Secure support? Check out Ultima Card from PSTNET!

Where to find transaction history?

Transaction history is available on the Payments page in the personal account.
Users can generate reports using following parameters: selected timeframe, card number, team, operations, status. You can download the report or send it to the e-mail address specified at sign-up.

Are there any restrictions?

Wherever any VISA/MasterCard are accepted, PSTNET virtual cards are also accepted, except for the following types of merchants:
  • MCC 6211: Brokerage services in the stock marketMerchants that buy and sell stocks, bonds, commodities, and funds
  • MCC 7273: Dating servicesMerchants providing dating and escort services, including ones through computers, personal videos, and dating services
  • MCC 7297: Massage parlorsTherapeutic rooms offering massage services. Some may also provide individualized treatments such as facials and aromatherapy
  • MCC 7995: GamblingAny transaction, other than an ATM transaction, involving placing of a bet, purchase of a lottery ticket, distribution of bets, in-flight commercial gaming, or purchase of chips or other value used for gambling in conjunction with gaming activities provided by betting facilities such as casinos, racetracks, card parlors, airlines, etc
  • MCC 6051: Quasi-cash - Non-financial institutionsPurchase of checks, foreign currencies, e-wallets top-ups, merchant accounts, and other quasi-cash transactions at non-financial institutions
  • MCC 4829: Money TransfersA transaction in which funds are delivered or made available to a person or account. These transactions include not face-to-face ones, which are conducted, for example, over the Internet
  • MCC 7800: State lotteriesGovernment agencies that operate lotteries and sell lottery tickets or stock online, or in the office directly, or through designated agents
  • MCC 7801: Internet GamblingMerchants licensed under applicable law or regulation to operate as Internet gambling system or platform that accepts the placement of bets
  • MCC 7802: Horse/dog racingMerchants licensed under applicable law or regulation to conduct horses or dogs racing or pari-mutuel or both
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